Organic farming

Why eat organic ?

Because a healthy soil provides a healthy product


The term "Organic farming" appeared in the '50s to deal with the explosion of intensive "chemical" farming that uses massive amounts of chemical fertilisers and pesticides. 

Organic farming is "a method of agricultural production free of synthetic chemicals" (definition of the Ministère de l'Agriculture).

It must meet a very precise specifications ( This method of cultivation is very guarded : There are accredited bodies ( that control the specification and these have well respected independent laboratories that conduct annual analysis of the soil and vegetables.


Also eating organic is the best guarantee of eating a healthy, natural, chemical free, and GMO-free product.

Because a healthy soil preserves the planet

To fertilise the land and protect crops, we use compost such as green manure ( alfalfa which is rich in nitrogen). This protects the soil and allows for better preservation of water (quantity and quality).


To avoid exhausting the soil, we use crop rotation (eg, rotate leafy vegetables and root vegetables that do not attract the same pests and do not absorb the same minerals).

To fight against insect pests, we are naturally protect by introducing natural predators like ladybugs that eat aphids ...


or chickadees that eat insects and caterpillars ...  


or hedgehogs who feast on slugs.


To encourage biodiversity and fight against uniformity, we promote local crop varieties and cropping, thereby limiting the proliferation of nasty pests.



So when you buy an organic product, you know that its production has not spilled harmful residue in the wild or destroyed irreparablespecies ...